Sewing Machine Repair and Service

South Florida’s Best Sewing Machine Repair and Refurbishing

Sewing Machine RepairAAA Vacuums is known for our expertise in sewing machine repair and service. Our service team members are experts at maintenance, identifying and replacing broken parts, making delicate mechanical adjustments, refurbishing older sewing machines, and keeping your new sewing machine in top condition.

We repair all brands and models, plus sewing machine accessories and equipment.

AAA Vacuums is South Florida’s best one-stop shop for sewing machine repair and service. Call or email to schedule an appointment, or just come in and ask us to take a look at it. We get you quick turnaround, original parts*, great service and years of experience preventing further issues and turning big problems into simple solutions.


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Sewing Machine Maintenance at AAA Vacuums

*Whenever possible.