The Austin Air Healthmate was born out of necessity. President, Richard Taylor, realized the obvious where doctors had not. The air his wife, Joyce, was breathing was contaminated. And it had been affecting her health for her entire life. So he built the Austin Air Healthmate. Within a week, Joyce was finally sleeping undisturbed through the night.

The Austin Air Healthmate uses true medical HEPA, surrounded by activated carbon to provide the only true reproduction of a hospital clean room. The Austin Air Healthmate is the air cleaner of choice by leading doctors throughout the world.

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  1. All Austin Air filters have have metal endcaps. Many air cleaners use paper and cardboard in their filters, Austin Air cleaners use only the finest materials with the chemically sensitive in mind.
  2. The pre-filter (Permafilt™) traps larger particles such as dirt, lint & hair, 15 lbs. of carbon & zeolite mix adsorbs odors & gases, and true medical HEPA filter paper removes harmful airborne particles.
  3. The “Miracle Inch” of Protection… Some other air cleanersemploy granulated carbon to adsorb noxious odors and chemicals.But only Austin Air’s HealthMate™ and HealthMate+™ offerthe Miracle Inch of protection. This inch-thick barrier of carbon & zeolite mix acts like a sponge, scrubbing these hazardous gases
    from the air, before they reach the HEPA paper. No other air cleaner has it; nothing less will do when it comes to your health…
  4. Our HEALTHMATE ™ filter removes over 3000 odors and gasses along with 99.97% of all airborne particulate matter measuring 0.3 microns or larger