13831 Kit Pigtail & 35ft Hose


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<p>99396 soft Grip 30 ft Pt 3200 crushproof Hose w/Chrome stub tube.</br>
90497 30 Ft Strip Hose w/Curved Wand and Custom Fit Banded Cuff</br>
CT20DXQS 14 Electric brush w/Dirt sensor</br>
51702 Chrome Dirt sensor Integrated Ratchet Wand</br>
34553 ButtonDown Aluminium Ratchet</br>
34018 12 Quiet Drive Floor Brush</br>
34028 Hand Turbine</br>
34630 Combination Rug/Floor Tool</br>
35345 Plastic Hose Hanger</br>
35202 Black Plastic Hose Hanger</br>
92917 Premium Bagged Dust crevice and upholstery tool</br></p>


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