Odor Neutralizing Candles


These are the best quality, cleanest burning candles we have ever used. After burning for ten minutes, the sweet aroma in the air is so refreshing!

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<p><b>The Mushroom Story</b><BR>

When burning Neutral Odorizing Candles, sometimes wicks will develop a black "mushroom".<BR>

This "mushroom" is caused by the high volume of fragrance oils which have made our candles so popular. The wick serves as a straw when burning, pulling the fragrance oil through the wax and releasing the fragrance into the air as it burns.<BR>

The "mushroom" is a constant reminder to you of our dedication to quality and your enjoyment.<BR>

When a "mushroom" is formed, gently blow out the flame let cool, trim wick 1/8 to 1/4 and relight. Without this simple attention, the "mushroom" could smoke and cause an over-sizes flame.</p>

<P><B>To Enjoy Your Candles</B><BR>

1-Keep candle out of a draft. 2-Trim wick to 1/4 prior to relighting to prevent smoking and oversized flame. 3-Place all candles on lid or container and remove ribbon before lighting. 4-Burn longer than one hour at a time for best fragrance results. 5-Keep out of reach of children and pets. 6-Never leave candle unattended. </p>