The New Speed Mop Ultra with Micro Fiber Pad”The Bucketless Solution”

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<p>3 times faster productivity than conventionalThank You For Shopping At AAAVAC.COM string mops, effectively covering 22 or 16 per stroke.</p>


<p>Uses a clean flat mop every 1,500 square feet.</p>


<p>With one tank you can cleanup to 2500 sq. ft. </p>

Quick on the spot

<p>change of flat mop head using reliable Velcro exchange system.</p>

Fast change of solution tank refill

<p>One twist and you are ready to go. </p>


<p>No need to change water, refill mop buckets, or wring out string mops. Saves time and money. Reduces fatigue. </p>

Spotless moping

<p>Eliminates water drops common in conventional string mops.</p>

Easy and lightweight

<p> Handles like a dust mop. </p>


<p>Short drying time helps to prevent slip and fall accidents and reduces liability.</p>

Environmentally friendly

<p>Uses less water and chemical products. </p>

Better cleaning with micro fiber

<p>More aggressive and effective than conventional textile sting mops.</p>


<p>Ideal for vinyl, ceramic tile, slate tiles, wood, or polished stone floors. </p>

Cleaning solution is sprayed through a pressure pump system

<p>3 widths to choose from 22 16 or 11 inch.</p>